You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to pay for professional installation and plumbing – the Lay-Z-Spa has been a top seller on the internet for a reason:

  • It’s durable,
  • comfortable,
  • easy to set up and take down,
  • has very vigorous bubbling action
  • it gets HOT
  • has adjustable heat controls
  • most importantly, it’s cost effective
  • Holds up to 4 adults
  • Rapid-heating and water-filtration system
  • Easy to operate digital control panel
  • Lay-Z massage system
  • Easy setup, no tools needed

The Miami Lay-Z-Spa is one of the highest rated and top selling inflatable hot tubs on the net.  It has 60 air jets at the bottom that produce vigorous bubbles that simulate a real hot tub experience, but at the FRACTION of the cost.  Traditional hot tubs can cost upwards of ten thousand dollars. You can enjoy all the benefits of a home hot tub with the Lay-Z-Spa for less than five hundred. There are no tools or professional installation required.  It it INCREDIBLY simple to get started.  Simply plug it into a standard 3-prong electrical outlet to inflate with included pump, fill it up with a hose,  and it heats up to 104 degrees F – HOT!

The Miami Lay-Z-Spa is perfect for relaxing sore muscles after a workout or just after a long day. Getting into your Lay-Z-Spa is like a small piece of heaven after a stressful day at work. You can literally watch all your worries evaporate away as the bubbles massage your body and the steam soothes your face.

It can be placed anywhere that has a flat surface and is close to an electrical outlet, indoor or out (no extension cords!). Many customers have raved about how much a blessing it is to be able to have a hot tub indoors, whether it be their living room, den, or workout room. Use it in your back patio to create a personal oasis or bring it out to your camp site for luxurious ‘glamping’.

Your new hot tub is perfect for you and your loved one to just get away and have a peaceful moment together while refreshing your bodies. Shared hot tub moments with friends and family are always special. Oh yeah, and kids love hot tubs too.