It all started in 2013, when I saw this image on social media:

I was a frequent gym-goer (still am), and my routine included a daily soak in the hot tub at the gym after my workout. After seeing this photo of people having drinks in a bunch of inflatable hot tubs, it hit me – these things actually exist?! You mean you can blow up a hot tub and put one anywhere?! You mean I can put one on my own patio?!

Then I started looking online to buy one for myself so I could soak in my own hot tub, allowing me get my post workout heat-therapy in after home workouts, without commuting to the gym or health club. But I couldn’t find a site that carried all the most popular models and compared them side by side. I wanted a balance of luxury and affordability. The search was so frustrating that it occurred to me – with my 7 years of e-commerce experience, why don’t I just start my own store?

So in 2013, was born. My goal is for you to easily find the perfect hot tub for your budget, without having to browse a bunch of different sites. My team and I have reviewed each of the popular models online so you can learn from the experts. We are an authorized dealer of each brand that we feature on the store. If you have any questions about ordering, setting up, using, or maintaining your hot tub, don’t hesitate one minute to email us!


Yes- you can have a hot tub in your apartment 😉


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Camping with our M-Spa Alpine B-090