M-SPA J-213 6-Person Jet Spa, Hydrotherapy

List Price: $1,579.98
Item Price : $1,499.99-$1,579.98 Check Price
Top Feature :
Patented External Control Box with Touch Botton Controls

Item Description:

Enjoy the soothing, natural health benefits of an hydrotherapy spa by Mspa. Whether it’s an early morning eye opener, a post-workout refresher or a restful moment to reconnect with loved ones, Mspa is an affordable luxury that brings enjoyment any time of the day. There is nothing as peacefully satisfying as a quiet soak in the warm, therapeutic water of a spa. Mspa is like a small piece of heaven after a hard working day. Let your mind wander and the stress of the day escape the body as the Mspa soothes and gives you some much-needed relaxation. The Mspa will unwind your mind, awaken your body’s senses and comfort your soul. Make it the focal point of a beautiful garden or tuck it away creating a secret and intimate setting, Mspa will cater to your every need.

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