CHEAPEST GENUINE MSPA Hot Tub Filter Cartridges 2 x Twin Pack 4 Filters in total

List Price: $30.98
Item Price : $30.98-$30.98 Check Price
Top Feature :
Durable and tidy

Item Description:

This listing is for 4 GENUINE MSPA Filter cartridges. Original Filters from MSPA.  These are the cheapest on here available for 4 filters. The main photo is of the exact filter showing MSPA branding.  120 pleat cartridge with antimicrobial end caps which inhibits bacteria growth on the filter.  Please do not confuse these ones with the reproduction filters that dont work anywhere near as good as the genuine ones, you can tell those because they have a foam seal instead of a rubber seal, the foam seal causes the filter to be not correctly secured in position thereby letting debris in to the filter pump, this can cut out your hot tub and ultimately cause the filter pump to fail permanently.  They will fit all current MSPA hot tubs including the all Silver Cloud Models, The Soho, Reve, Alpine and Camaro etc.

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