What is the Perfect Hot Tub?

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Homeowners love the idea of having a hot tub “ready to go” whenever the desire strikes. They’re the perfect piece of furniture to relax in after a long day, or when the weather appropriates. But the dilemma is, there are so many different types of hot tubs on the market today, and even a very affordable one is still an investment. So, what’s the perfect hot tub for you?

In most cases, the “perfect” hot tub is one that will be both easy to take care of and clean. The tub should also be a decent size, without overwhelming your home. The tub you choose should also accommodate the number of people who will normally enjoy the tub. For some, a 2-4 person spa will be fine, but others may require one that fits 4-6 people.

You might want to look into a self-contained tub, where both the water and heating units exist all inside the tub. These aboveground spas can be placed anywhere, whether you want it in your yard, back deck, or in the extra room. The best choice in this case is an inflatable hot tub that will allow you to simply plug the unit in. If you please, you can easily move it to whatever location you want. In fact, you can even take it for a weekend trip up to the cabin.

Non self-contained hot tubs are usually purchased in order to accompany a swimming pool, and can either be in the ground or partially above ground. The units for water and heating are not attached, but rather require a separate place from the tub itself. Even though it does require some more maintenance, you might save more money on your investment if you plan on putting in a new pool at the same time.

If you don’t have a pool to attach the spa to, you would find much more ease and comfort by purchasing a self-contained hot tub. The units on it are easily stored on the side panels, so you can simply take them right off.

Another consideration you’ll want to take into account is the material of the hot tub. Hard materials are a bit more costly, and you’ll want to choose between hardwood and acrylic. The traditional tub is made of hardwood, but although it is more physically appealing, it’s a pain to take care of. Acrylic, on the other hand, is easier to maintain and clean. If you want to go for a more aesthetically pleasing unit like the hardwood, make sure you are properly informed of all the maintenance and cleaning requirements for it.

Even the cheapest hot tubs are large investments, so it’s best that you decide on the perfect choice for you. Keep in mind both your budget and your usage needs, and you will be able to fully enjoy your new spa.









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