Advantages of A Portable Hot Tub

People who purchase portable hot tubs usually fall into the following categories: need a more affordable option, don’t have a lot of space in their homes or backyards, or don’t want to permanently install something in their yard. Though others will frown and say that inflatable hot tubs are subpar when compared to permanent ones, inflatable hot tubs offer many advantages that permanently installed ones cannot offer.

Move It Wherever, Whenever

Remember that when you install a large permanent tub in your backyard, its location is pretty much set in stone. Sure, you could move the tub if you really wanted to, but that’s a whole lot of manpower, time, and money. On the other hand, portable hot tubs are extremely easy to transport and move. You can even bring it inside the house if you have the space for it. The inflatables are much lighter than permanent ones, and are easy to transport to another room or another location at ease. You can just unplug it, drain it, deflate it, and carry it as-is or pack it up into a box and use a dolly.


The simple installation is another reason people find portable hot tubs so appealing. Since it’s so easy to move the tub around, many people often find themselves setting up their tubs frequently in different locations around the yard and around the house. This is not a problem to be panicking over, however, as all the setup requires is an electrical outlet and a water hose. Permanent units, on the other hand, often require some physical setting up of your backyard landscaping, especially if you purchase an in-ground unit that requires you to dig and reinforce the ground.

Save Money

The tub itself is much cheaper than a permanent one, but its maintenance is also quite affordable. These tubs are a bit smaller than your average permanent hot tubs, and therefore will use less water. Not only will you save money on water, but this also means you will use fewer chemicals to keep the water clean, saving you dollars in the long run.

It Can Go With You

Portable Hot Tubs are not “permanent”, per se, but they can be heavily relied upon. Manufacturers engineer them “built to last” – these are not some cheap kiddy pools that heat up and make bubbles. Virtually all models are made with tough and durable PVC material. This allows you to pack it up and have it move with you to the next home or location.

Store It Away In Bad Weather

You can set up your tub whenever you want. This is quite useful when you don’t have too much space on your property for a large unit, or live in an area where the seasons are quite extreme. When you don’t want the inflatable hot tub in the way, you can simply unplug it, empty it, and deflate it. Take it out of storage again when the weather gets better. Or, just move it inside!


Portable Hot Tub users! What are some advantages / disadvantages you have found using your tub?

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