Top 5 Exercises to do in your Hot Tub

The soothing and healing influence of water has given rise to the invention of Hydrotherapy, which is concerned with the usage of water for pain relief and treatment. Water attributed to its amazing physical properties including its temperature and pressure is used for numerous therapeutic purposes. The concept of hot bath tubs has therefore refined the complete idea of fitness by combining relaxation with fun. Nevertheless the question here crops up as to how to exercise in a hot bath tub to get maximum benefits. To answer the same questions, understated are top stretches that you can perform in a hot bath tub:

  1. Perform Strength Exercises With Resistance Bands:

By fastening resistance bands to rowing bars in the inflatable hot tub, you can do strength exercises for your legs and hands.

  1. Add a Little Weight Into The Mix:

In some cases, you can make good use of ankle weights for getting well-shaped calves and thighs. Strap your ankles with buoyancy cuffs for increasing resistance without weight for enhanced performance.

  1. Perform Running and Walking Exercises (for a shallow pool):

If you also have a shallow pool, with the use of foam buoyancy belts you can easily run and walk as it promotes the shaping up of abdominal muscles, supports the portion of the lower back and helps you to maintain correct posture. For the hot tub, do standing high knees, with ankle weights as an option.

  1. Balls, Kick Board, Dumb Bells

A number of water exercises can also be done with the help of dragging balls, kick board and dumbbells.

  1. Calf Raises:

This again stands to be a great way of toning your calf muscles. The only thing you need to do is stand in the portable hot tub and raise your toes. Hold this for around three seconds and then relax and then repeat this.


Bonus: Hot Tub Cycling:

Sit down in the hot tub and make slow movements as if you are cycling with your legs. Make sure you keep your tummy taught the complete time. Do this mildly for as long as you are comfortable doing this.


Bonus: Leg Extensions:

Sit down and stretch your legs apart in the water keeping your toes pointed. Bring your legs back together slowly and then flex your feet. The resistance of water will here help you to get awesome toning results.

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