Recover Faster from Training with the Portable Hot Tub Therapy


Not many people realize how a few minutes soaking your body in heated water can directly improve your health.

There are several bodily actions that happen when your body absorbs the heat from a portable hot tub. The first thing that is improved is your blood circulation. As your body warms up, so does the blood, causing the vessels to dilate and flow much more easily. Since circulation is up, blood pressure must go down. Studies show that just 20 minutes of soaking can greatly reduce that pressure.

The second benefit you’ll receive is muscle relaxation. Since your entire body soaks in the hot water, all your tense muscles will absorb the heat and subsequently become much more comfortable.

Even inflatable hot tubs can maintain a specific temperature at a constant rate, unlike bathtubs that inevitably cool down. Therefore, when soaking in a hot tub, your circulation rate does not drop with the cooling water. It instead keeps flowing with ease and allows the body to maintain a certain heat as well. This constant hot water treatment is essential to therapeutic benefits.

Heat will relieve physiological pain as well. Staying hot in the water will stimulate your central nervous system, which prompts your body to absorb as much heat as it can. As your body temperature goes up, any pains you feel will be relaxed and numbed.

The many bodily advantages heat can provide are evident elsewhere as well. Notice how athletes and day laborers often apply hot packs to their bodies whenever they are in pain and discomfort. People understand that heat is vital in releasing any strain you may feel. So why not take advantage of heat therapy and alleviate your entire body by soaking in a portable hot tub?

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