Massage Your Body Daily



People who have owned hot tubs before can attest to the positive sensations the water jets provide. These are pressurized streams of water and air that flow into the tub, and can be adjusted based on strength and forms. These jets hit the body and give it a liquid massage, which is very therapeutic for the muscles.

Depending on which inflatable hot tub you purchase, it will have different jet nozzles, sizes, pressure intensity, quantity, and ways of configuration. Most tubs have a combination of all these factors so that you receive the most advantageous hydrotherapy. Small jets are higher up in the tub so that they can massage your neck, while larger ones will focus on your entire back so that all the pain is alleviated. Even your wrists, calves, feet, and arms will benefit from the other several jets in the tub. The heat and ability to massage every part of your body makes the portable hot tub the perfect masseuse for all your sore muscles.

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