Buoyancy Reduces Stress on Every Cell in Your Body

Buoyancy Reduces Body Weight Pressure

People often abuse their joints without even realizing it. Even athletes who are in top shape will feel the consequences of overuse and putting too much weight on their joint areas. Since humans are bipedal, all their weight is basically being supported by just feet and ankles all day long. They will utilize their knees, elbow, and wrists throughout the day as well. On top of all these joints, back pains are quite common for people who often stand or walk frequently every day. Even if you don’t do many strenuous activities, it’s most likely that you’ve felt some back pain at least once in your life.

As you lie in the hot tub, you will somewhat float because the 90% of the human body consists of water. This natural buoyancy will alleviate the gravitational pressure body weight has on the joints. Basically, this is one time during your day where your joints don’t have to perform any sort of job, and can spend some time recuperating. Since the hot tub provides heat as well, this therapy is aided even more.

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